What do you call your partner? (From Japan)

“What can I call my husband?”  It was my first question for international marriage.
 My husband’s name is Jeff. I live in America, so I should call to my husband with some cute name like the American way?  After a lot of hair pulling, I decided to keep calling just his name.
 My husband calls me Shizu chan or chanshizu… sometimes Hime sama (It is Japanese, Hime means Princess)

Today I read news from a Japanese site. Recently many Japanese couples call each other with their first name or nickname and they are having good relationships.

Here are the most popular partner: names from a survey:
1. Nickname or first name
2. Mother, Father, Mama, Papa, or Grandmother, Grandfather

                                                                            (By couples aged 20-60 )

I remember my mother, when she called her husband “Otousama - Father” after they had grandchild “ojiichan - Grandpa” I think she called his name when she was young. My father also called my mother by her first name.

That news said this.
Young couples are calling each other nickname or first name.
Middle couples are calling each other father, mother.
Elder couples are calling each other nothing. They are just calling  "Hey!"

Today's wisdom word
Keep your eyes wide open before marriage, half shut afterwards.
- Benjamin Franklin


  1. Har dee har har!! That's a good one, Shizuko.

    I think you should call your husband Grandpa!! He would be very happy about that. Jeff always told Gary he should refer to me as "the old ball and chain" ... so I'm glad Jeff has decided to call you Hime sama instead ... you are lucky!

  2. What? "The old ball and chain...?" Ha ha ha too funny!:)
    In Japan they have to call name with san or sama.
    San & Sama mean Mr or Ms.I thought I had to call "Jeff san". But I do not call him like that... just call "Jeff" We have happy marriage. Thank you Kathy!!