Robert De Niro appeared Japanese TV commercial !!

My favorite actor Robert De Niro appeared Japanese TV commercial recently. The commercial is from Japanese Cell Phone Company. They started "d-video" that is on demand services for smart phone. If you use that services, you can see any video, movie, drama animation, music video, and special show…like Netflix. Anyway, I was so surprised because he accepted to work for Japanese CM.  I think De Niro had enjoyed with another Japanese actor, Ryuhei Matsuda. His father is Yusaku Matsuda. Yusaku was very famous actor in Japan. He acted with Michael Douglas in "Black Rain". He died in 1989. He was 40.
The commercial (narration of Ryuhei) said...
The guy is god of movie!!
De Niro asked Ryuhei and he answerd to De Niro "It's impossible!!"

There are supposed to be movies of changing your life.
"You remain oblivious to such that important thing until later." the guy said.

After this conversation, that phrase appeared to a screen...
[This movie said, "You have to fall in Love!"]