You are not late for getting education. He was 84 years old!!

I got an email from my friend, Mr.Futai. He is a professional movie writer in Japan. He wrote about movie “The First Grader”. That picture is on now in Japan. I did not know about this movie. This is the true story about an 84 years old guy who got education from a elementary school. He went through with his right to go to school for the first time to get the education he could never afford. When I saw that trailer I think about education. If you was child, you didn’t have to think about education, because you have natural right that get education. Same time maybe you didn’t want to study. You just wanted to play...me too!!
I couldn’t realize about education is very important for whole my life. Now I wanted to study a lot when I was teenager. My parents didn’t have enough money so I couldn't go to University. I went to vocational school after high school and then I had to work soon for my parents.
And right now I think, I am not too late for studying. I will try to study again and again.   I hope my daughter realizes about her chance. She can study hard because she has time and good environment.  Life is like studying!! 

Today's pick up word 
- To me, liberaty means going to school and learning. I want to learn more and more. 
                                                        Kimani Ng'ang'a Maruge