A dinner with my friends

Yesterday I had a great time with my friends. First, one of my friends emailed me. She had said the day before yesterday, "Let's have a dinner because our friend is visiting San Diego now. If you want to join us please let me know."   I wanted to join them so I asked my family; of course they accepted that I go to meet my friends. 

In fact my friend and I were classmates from a Qigong class. She moved to Yokohama, Japan, 2 years ago. She came back here in her traveling.

In Japan we learned a lot of sayings (of Confucius) from China; we had that skill in our life naturally.

I was thinking about one of these sayings:

Confucius said,
To learn and then practice what you have learned time and again is a good pleasure, is it not?
To have friends come from afar to share each others’ learning is a pleasure, is it not?
To be unperturbed when not appreciated by others is gentlemanly, is it not?" 

I could meet my friend who was coming from a distant place. I was so happy to have had the time with great friends!!

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